Saturday, February 9, 2013

4 x 4 Cube Diagonal Addition


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Today we will see the diagrammatic representation of Magic Cube & Diagonal Addition. This is very interesting part of my eBook Miraculous World of Numbers. One interesting Diagonal Addition with "Top-Bottom diagonal" was already discussed in BLOG-04. The Addition of the numbers on the "Top-Bottom-Front-Right-Diagonal" Block is 1164. Today we will see "Front-Back-Top-Right-Diagonal" block. The Addition of the Numbers on this block will also be 1164.

The idea will be cleared from the following Diagram.

The Magic Cube from which we have selected "Front-Back-Top-Right-Diagonal"

Now see the Diagonal Block.

Check & verify. Try to find other relation  & send me your creative idea by entering your data in the Entry Form for Students

Please go through my BLOG-04 to get more ideas.

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