Monday, February 4, 2013

04-Allow your child to think


Dear friends,
Every parent is the First and the Best teacher of their child. In School, the teachers are available only for 7-8 hours for your child, but you are definitely available for more than 8 hours for your child. Secondly, it is one to one communication between you and your child, so definitely the effect of understanding the child will be more. I am sure that you may definitely spare some time for the betterment of your child from your busy schedule.

By talking to him/her with all cares, understand their problems. Sometimes they may be wrong. You may show your anger about their behavior and when you get some better situation at that time you may talk to them and show them their mistakes so that they will learn the better way of their behavior.  

Really, all the children are very much cooperative if you handle them very carefully.

Allow your child to think. Whenever they have any queries or doubts, help them by asking some more questions related to their queries or doubts and not giving them the hints directly having the answers. Your small questions related to their quires, their thinking power will increase. But if you are helping them by giving hints directly related to the answers, their thinking power will stop and they are habitual only to get more and more help rather than thinking about themselves.

Aaswad & Abhishek are my two sons. Both of them are very curious to know more & more about new Concepts in Math, Science & Computer Software. I would like to share their old photos.

I think you all are very nice parents and definitely, you will take care of your child. These are the educational BLOGS and I think we all together will build a better world by starting to improve our own child. So please spread the WORD.

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