Saturday, February 2, 2013

Every Child is Creative


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Dear Students,

Mathematics is a subject in which your thinking power will be increased. Your Logic will become strong & definitely, you will shine and improve your skills in other subjects also.

From beginning, if we give more importance to the Basic Concepts, I am sure that you will start loving Math & solving the problems. In short you will improve your skills definitely. Because you all are very brilliant.

Dear Students, you can do one experiment on this technique. You will become very happy if you solved one difficult Problem & like this your encouragement will increase and you will start loving the subject. (Keep this in your mind that you will feel proud of solving the difficult problem and not the EGO).

The work allotted to you in school by your Respected teacher to do it at Home, Generally you call it as "HOME WORK”. But I call it as "HAPPY WORK”. Now onwards, you will also call it as “HAPPY WORK” because you will be doing this Home Work with full enjoyment. So remember well that in School, the work allotted to you by your respected Teacher to be done at home will be as HAPPY WORK”.

I have one beautiful technique & concept of study. Think on this technique and tell me if you have any good suggestions or your idea by sending email to me on my email-id . Simply write your Name (Saluted with Master/Ms), Date of Birth, the Standard in which you are studying and BLOG Number on which you want more information or your suggestions and your ideas. I will be very happy to answer your queries or learn your ideas to update my knowledge. 

Now we will discuss my Technique & concept to improve your skills.

First of all understand the term "RLT". RLT means Read, Learn and Think. With the help of your parents or Teachers, when ever you are having spare time, ask them the new concept of higher standard. Say if you are studying in 8th grade, then ask the concept of 9th grade or higher. Say the concept of the topic “Logarithm”    is new to you. Then READ the basic of the topic “Logarithm” by your own. LEARN the concept & THINK on the concept. Then I am sure that you will understand the topic better because the topic was studied by you. Like this definitely you can do your own study without disturbing your daily activities like playing game on Computers & so on.

One more thing you can do. After reading the topic, prepare the question paper which you can solve the next day. Preparing question paper is little bit difficult than answering the questions.

Wish you the happiest “HAPPY WORKING” & all the BEST.

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