Thursday, February 28, 2013

24-Some Children never show their Smartness

Some child may express his/her view instantaneously.  If someone any question, then he/she will answer that question instantly. In any situation, he/she will solve the problem by making use of his/her quickness.

Simultaneously, some situations are like this, that only the silent child may overcome from that problem. He/she may give a better solution than the other one. He/she may never expose himself/herself at all even if he/she had done an excellent job.

Here we may notice that one may speak instantly and the other one will not take part in any discussion. Here we should never think that the child, who is not participating in the discussion is not that much smart. We should think this way that the topic of discussion may not be of his/her interest.

Definitely, there will be a time when he/she will actively participate in the discussion of his/her interest. Here, as a parent, we must encourage our both the children in the field of their interest.

But simultaneously, we need to tell him/her the truth of the life that we may or may not get everything of our interest. We need to accept so many things which we may not like. Accepting disliked things are the challenges to us. We may learn so many delicacies (need for tact) from these situations.

We need to encourage our child but should not admire or praise or applause in front of him/her (sometimes it is also needed to admire them in front of them, but not always).

As a parent, we need to act according to the situations and handle all the tasks in such a way that the result of each task is always positive.

Tell both the children that they will always be away from ego. Ego is our nearest enemy.

Handling all the critical situations are the sign of good parents. Everyone always wants that their child should have all the good habits. If we started to build these good manners, right ways of life and so on right from their small age, definitely in future we will observe everything nice in our child.

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