Saturday, March 2, 2013

26-Habit of Cleanliness will save our Environment


Dear Parents,

I delivered the lecture on Mathematical Fun.  It was delivered in Indian Language “Marathi”. If you understand Marathi, Please click here to see my Lecture on youTube.
Secondly, to think more about the studies of Mathematics, you are requested to encourage your child to participate in the Program of Studies for Students and Parents given in my previous Blog. (Blog-11)

Morning to Evening, whenever we are outside our home, when we watch here and there we observe that so many peoples throw the garbage on the road. We know that the servicemen/servicewomen are allotted to clean the road. But we must think that why shouldn't we put our garbage in proper places? There are so many dustbins placed on the roadside. If everyone will think this way, definitely the roads will be maintained properly and cleaner too. Secondly, the workers may clean the road systematically with less effort. I know that many places are clean. It is also true that so many peoples have this habit of putting the garbage at proper dustbins. I am not at all talking about these peoples. Here we need to explain to them the importance of the cleanliness so that they will also follow the path of cleanliness.

Right from the small age of our child, we need to teach them about cleanliness. Before and after the lunch / Dinner / Breakfast, we need to clean our hands. Garbage, waste papers need to put in the dustbins placed in every room. Keeping all our things at proper places will reduce the work burden on others and it will improve the skills of your habit. Such important messages need to be given to the child to build the habits of good manners.

I am not at all any big personality to teach you. I am a very ordinary person. These are my views which I would like to share with you and request you kindly to help me to improve these skills in every one of us so that we all together can build the entire world with good attitudes.

In a child, right from their small age, if we try to mold them in any shape definitely and quickly, they will get that shape and we need to get the benefit of the same to mold them with all good things required for their better lifestyle.

It looks very dirty if we see a group of highly qualified peoples going in a very rich car and throwing the used water bottle out on the road. Some people spitting on the road or the staircases of the building. The persons throwing the rappers of chocolates outside the bus/train while traveling. These pictures will be observed in so many places.

This is one part of our lifestyle which we need to build in the small mind of our child so that he/she will never do such type of blunders in future.

I am not at all pointing it out to any particular person or group. Once again I would like to clear this point that we all together will build the beautiful world. I may need your valuable suggestions and help to motivate our own mind.  

Anil Satpute