Saturday, March 16, 2013

36-Simple Method of Multiplication


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Today we will see the simple method of Multiplication. We all aware that while doing multiplication, we need to take a product of say higher digit 9 with another 9 comes out as 81. then we write 1 and keep carry as 8 and the same business we do till we get the answer. Here I simply do the same thing but no carry business is kept to remember.

Actually this is very simple method and without any error and with in very short period, we can do the multiplication.

Please see the following example of multiplication

Example: Multiply  279 by 563.

1) Here 279 is Multiplicand and 563 is multiplier.
2) Unit's digit of Multiplicand 279 is 9.
3) Unit's digit of Multiplier 563 is 3.
4) The product of 9 and 3 is 27, which is written as it is as shown bellow.

5) Here the Number 27 obtained by the product of 9 & 3 has unit's digit as 7 & the ten's digit as 2 and the same is written as it is, as shown bellow.
6) The ten's digit of Multiplicand 279 is 7 and that of Multiplier 563 is 6 and the product of 7 & 6 comes out as 42, which is written at Hundreds and thousand's places as shown in the diagram.
7) In the same way, the product of Hundreds digits of Multiplicand & Multiplier is 2 into 5 is 10 which is also written as it is.
8) the corresponding product of the digits is written and bellow to the digits 1 and 7, we put the Star mark so that those places are not used to write the product of the digit in 2nd step.

1) The product of Ten's digit of Multiplicand (279) say "7" and unit's digit of Multiplier (563) say "3" is 21 and the same one is written  as shown bellow.
2) In the same way, the Product of Hundreds digit of  Multiplicand (279) say  "2" and tens digit of Multiplier (563) say "6" is 12 & is written as shown in the adjoining diagram.

1) Similarly, the product of Unit's digit of 279  say "9" & ten's digit of 563 say "6" is 54 is written as shown bellow.
2) The product of ten's digit 7 of 279 & hundreds digit 5 of 563 is 35 is written as shown in the adjoining figure.
3) Now block the places bellow 3 & 4 of the number 3554 & allow to write bellow 55 as shown in the adjoining diagram.

1) Now the product of Units of 279 say "9" &  Hundreds of 563 say "5" is 45 & the product of Hundreds of
279 say "2" & Units of 563 say "3" is "06" (Note: Always we need to take two digits of the product of any two digits. We know that the single largest digit is 9 & the product of 9 & 9 is 81 which is two digits, So for any product of single two digits should be written as two digits number only.). So here we need to write 45 & 06 one bellow other as shown in the adjoining diagram.
2) Then simply take the vertical addition. This is your final answer.

Like this, you can take the product of 4-digit number & 3-digit number. Only we need to put "0" at the ten-thousands place to make our Multiplier of 4- digit Number.

Please study the above method & try your self by doing some more product with the help of your parents. You can also ask me your query if any by filling the Entry form available at top left tab of this blog.

Enjoy Learning Mathematics by creating such type of interesting things.

Anil Satpute