Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Simple Method to solve Ratio and Proportion Problem


Dear Parents,
I delivered the lecture on Mathematical Fun.  It was delivered in Indian Language “Marathi”. If you understand Marathi, Please click here to see my Lecture on YouTube.

Secondly to think more about the studies of Mathematics, So you are requested kindly to allow your child to participate in Program of Studies for Students and Parents given in my previous Blog. (Blog-14)

1) Please tell your child to read the blog on "Simple Method of Multiplicationto learn something new concept of Multiplication.

Dear Students,

2) As per the request from so many students, the result of the question asked in BLOG-22 under the heading "Draw Perpendicular Bisector on Line Segment Drawn at the bottom of the page"  will be published on 02/04/2013. Till then you can also try to find the solution send me your procedure.

Last week, one student came to my house and asked me one question on "Ratio and proportion".

She said, "Sir, can you tell me simple method for this ratio and proportion problem ?"

The problem is:
Which number is to be subtracted from 49, 143, 61, 179 so that the numbers so obtained are in proportion?

I said, "Why not ?, first show me how do you solve the problem "

The method of the shown by her is as follows:

I surprised by seeing the method. I simply told her, "You are doing the problem of ratio and proportion and not using the property of ratio and proportion."

Then she said, "The same procedure is there in the text book. That's why I came to you to get Simple method for the same"

explained her that the method what ever you used to solve the problem is very correct, but by this method you need to do so many difficult calculations. Please note few steps of calculations.
Here you need to take the product of the Numbers 49 and 179. In the same way you need to take the product of 61 and 143. You know very well that so many times, we can't use the calculators, so doing this multiplications will waste your more valuable time (the valuable time of your computer/mobile games). I am simply joking. If you want, you can use this time to think more on mathematical problems. Now we will see other simple method in which no need of doing more multiplications.

Here we had not done any complicated multiplication. So you need to apply all the basic concepts to think on the problem while solving it.

In Hindi, very beautiful Prayer of Goddess "Saraswati" ( the goddess of knowledge and arts ) is there. Please see the following lines (in Hindi)

सरस्वती के भंडार की बढी अपुरब बात 
जो जो खर्चे बढी जात है बीन खर्चे घटी जात . 

The English wording of above Prayer is as follows:

Saraswati ke Bhandar ki Badhi Apurab Bat
Jo Jo Kharche Badhi Jat Hai, Bin Kharche Ghati Jat.

English meaning of above prayer:

It is the fact of the store of the knowledge and arts (Goddess "Saraswati") is this that if we spread our knowledge among others, it will increase else, it will decrease.

So I request all my dear Students to tell about above method to your friends and relatives.

Anil Satpute