Friday, March 22, 2013

Top-Bottom-Front-Left-Diagonal-Addition of 4x4x4 Magic Cube


Dear Parents,
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Dear Students,

Today we will see the diagrammatic representation of Magic Cube & Diagonal Addition. This is very interesting part of my eBook Miraculous World of Numbers. One interesting Diagonal Addition with "Top-Bottom-Front-Right-Diagonal" was already discussed in BLOG-04. The Addition of the numbers on the "Top-Bottom-Front-Right-Diagonal" Block is 1164

In the same way we have already seen "Front-Back-Top-Right-Diagonal" block in BLOG-11 and the Addition of the Numbers on this block will also be 1164.

Today we will see the example of Top-Bottom-Front-Left-Diagonal

The idea will be cleared from the following Diagram.

The Magic Cube from which we have selected "Top-Bottom-Front-Left-Diagonal"

Here we will see the Top-Bottom-Front-Left-Diagonal Block. It will look like the diagram as shown bellow.

From above Cube, the Numbers on the Top Diagonal are 96, 66, 36, 06 (written in Green Color). The Numbers on the Bottom Diagonal are 77, 59, 41, 23 (Written in Blue Color). The Numbers on Front Left Vertical are 76, 46, 70, 04 (Written in Purple Color) & that of Front Vertical are 91, 25, 49, 19 (written in Red Color) The Numbers on Back Vertical  are  02, 68, 44, 74 (written in Dark Green Color) & that of Back Left Vertical are 21, 51, 27, 93 (written in Black Color). There addition is  1164 .

Like this , We can see all other group of Numbers having the same addition.

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Anil Satpute