Friday, May 8, 2015

85-Magic square for some particular date (Part-3)

Most amazing part of this blog is this that you can prepare your own two Magic Squares using the software for which the link is provided here.

You can prepare magic squares simply by clicking the following images.

A) Magic Square Maker for any Date:

Date Magic Square Maker

B) Magic Square Maker for Any Numbers:

Number Magic Square Maker

Click here to see the previous Blog on this subject.

In the previous blog, we observed, the addition of all the numbers in other patterns 1, 2 and 3.
Today we will discuss some new concepts of the magic square.

7) Addition of all the numbers in other pattern-04: 

See the following diagrams in which each row is highlighted.

Here, two more patterns have the sum of the numbers as the same. For the first pattern, the middle numbers are to be taken from the 1st and second rows and for the second pattern we need to take the middle numbers from 3rd and the 4th row. Please see the following diagram to understand more about this concept.

                    Fig (27)                                                Fig (28)
         04 + 19 + 67 + 31  =  121                 21 + 02 + 29 + 69  =  121

For the second case, 


see the following diagram.


                    Fig (29)                                                Fig (30)
         69 + 18 + 02 + 32  =  121                 01 + 33 + 70 + 17  =  121 

Special thanks to Mr. Ajay Phaltankar and Mr. Amit Phaltankar.

Anil Satpute

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