Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Concept of Learning Mathematics


1)       About Students:

 Every child is Brilliant. They need to love studying every subject. First of all they need to find the technical meaning of each word from every statement while reading. If you confirm about knowing the meaning of that statement the child need to proceed further. Now the child will understand that particular line/Statement. Like this, statement by statement if child is reading & understanding each statement then definitely he/she will understand the concept of the paragraph.   Think this way that why the Author/Scientist/Mathematician had written the statement which one you are reading. Then the Concept of entire topic will be cleared and definitely you will understand the topic very easily.

       2)     About Parents

 Actually all the parents are very happy about their child who is very brilliant. I need not tell them anything. But I can request them kindly to take care of their every child as all children are really very good at their Studies. They should not compare their child with anyone, even with his/her own siblings.

Every parent is the First and the Best teacher of their child. In School, the teachers are available only for 7-8 hours for their child, but parents are definitely available for more than 8 hours for their child. Secondly it is one to one communication between the parent and the child, so definitely the effect of understanding the child will be more effective. I am sure that they may definitely spare some time for the betterment of their child from their busy schedule.

Parents need to talk to their child with all cares, understand their problems. Some times they may be wrong. Sometimes parent may show their anger about the behavior of the child. But when they get some better situation, at that time they may talk to their child and show him/her mistakes so that they will learn the better way of their behavior.  

3)    Every Child is Creative

Mathematics is a subject in which our thinking power will be increased. Our logic will become strong & definitely, we will shine and improve our skills in other subjects also.

From beginning, if we give more importance to the Basic Concepts, I am sure that we will start loving Math 
and solving the problems. In short we will improve our skills definitely.

I would like to one experiment on this technique. We will be very happy if we solve one difficult Problem & like this our encouragement will increase and definitely we will start loving the subject. (Keep this in mind that we will feel proud of solving the difficult problem and not the EGO).

The work allotted to the students in school by their respected teachers to do that at Home, Generally we call it as "HOME WORK”. But I call it as "HAPPY WORK”. Now onwards, you will also call it as “HAPPY WORK” because you will be doing this Home Work with full enjoyment. So remember well that in School, the work allotted to you by your respected Teacher to be done at home will be as HAPPY WORK”.

We can develop some new concepts of learning. First we will understand the term "RLT". RLT means Read, Learn and Think. With the help of the parents or teachers, when ever the child is having some spare time, ask him/her, the new concept of higher standard. Say if they are studying in 8th standard/grade, then ask the concept of 9th grade or higher. Say the concept of the topic “Logarithm”    is new to them. Then READ the basic of the topic “Logarithm” by your own. LEARN the concept & THINK on the concept. Then I am sure that they will understand the topic better. Like this they can do their own study without disturbing their daily activities like playing game on Computers & so on.

4)       Every child need to use simple method of calculations: 

I found very simple method of calculations for solving so many problems. The simple method of calculation will save our valuable time. It will never have any mistakes. The problems on Mensuration, Ratio and proportion can be solved by making use of simple method of calculations. 

Click on the following button for 19 articles on simple methods to solve problems on mathematics.

Our interest is also to develop a very interesting method of multiplication as shown bellow. 

Click here for simple method of Multiplication.

We want to create so many ideal tasks such as “Funny Addition” to create beauty in Mathematics so that the students will stat loving mathematics. See the following addition.

Click on the following button to see the details of funny addition.

One unique proof of 3 + 3 = 7 to improve the basic concept of Quadratic Equation is the most interesting way.

Click on the following buttons to see the proof given for 3 + 3 = 7.

Students will definitely love this concept and stat thinking basically on the topics not only of mathematics, but also of other subjects. 

Our interest is also to establish and develop “3-D Mathematics Lab” to make Mathematics more interesting. 

       5)   Teach them practical Mathematics:

To prove the sum of the angles of a triangle is 180 0, we use the triangle of a paper and fold its upper angle to the base and then fold remaining angles to meet the top angle folded at base, all these three angles will be together showing their addition as 180 0 because these three angles are on a straight line.

      6)    Area Volume Calculating Tool:

We designed and developed software tool for calculating area, volume and all other parameters of Mensuration simply by entering two values say, radius and side. For more details, please click on the following button. 

      7)   Derivative-Integration Calculator:

We designed and developed software tool to get derivative and integration of any function simply by selecting the function from drop-down menu. For more details, please click on the following button. 

        8)       Date Magic squares maker:

We designed and developed software tool to get two magic squares simply by any date of your choice. For more details, please click on the following button. 

Anil Satpute