Thursday, July 2, 2015

88-Code of Click-Button for Blog or Website


While writing the blogs, I want to place "button" to open the corresponding site, I found one interesting method to write the code for this button.

Click on the following button to go to the software to get the code.

For the software, follow the following instructions step by step.


Fill all the yellow colored fields one by one.

a) Write the Title of your Button as shown below.

b) Select the alignment of your button from the drop-down menu.

Which will look like this.

c) Paste the site URL for your Button at corresponding place say at G-10 of the software sheet.

d) Copy the image URL from the image box of Blog or your website.

e) Paste the image URL G-11 of the software sheet.

f) After getting G-13 same G-8 of the software sheet, double-click on cell number G-15, select complete text and copy this text.


Paste it at the appropriate place of your HTML code of the Blog or Website.

a) First, we will see the image of placing the code in the blog.

Go to the HTML code portion and paste the code at the respective place as shown below.

b) Now we will see the image of placing the code on the Website.