Friday, February 8, 2013

08-Encourage your child to do Physical Exercise

Few words about my previous Blogs:

Dear Students,
Please see Blog about 3 + 3 = 7 very carefully. In this Blog, I explained the proof of 3 + 3 = 7. Here you need to think about the Basic Concepts of Mathematics, which I was discussing with your Parents in my Blog (Allow your child to think) talking. It is really needed to improve your Basic Concept Skills. Think on this proof & let me know your answer about this BLOG. Find the mistake in the proof.

You all are very brilliant & so you will definitely find proper solutions for these tasks.
Now this part is for your Parents

Dear Parents,

Now we will discuss the health of your Child. You, Your Child & all of us will build the entire world with creative ideas.

We all are aware that to improve our thinking power, we need to have good health, for that at least half an hour, your child needs to do Physical Exercise.  Right from the small age, if your child is doing the regular physical exercise, nearly more than 70 % of health problem will be resolved. So make a habit of doing the regular exercises.

Dear Students, You will definitely listen to your parents & help to build the world healthy.

So prepare your mind for it & develop your Skills to control your mind. I will definitely write the BLOG about this issue in due course.

Wish you all the BEST for Happy Exercising.

Anil Satpute