Tuesday, March 9, 2021

127-EMI statement makers for all types of loan


This tool will help users to verify the EMI-statement with the bank’s EMI-statement. It will help users to prevent bank fraudulence if any. 

I faced the same type of problem. A huge amount was included in my loan amount after the payments of 6 EMI's by one of the well-known finance company which could not be noticed by anyone. At the end of the year, my program was not tallying with the statements of the loan finance company. So, I re-checked my software, thinking that the bank may not do such types of mistakes. I modified my software and checked the statement. There was fraudulence in the bank's statement and the same was sorted out at that time and everything became normal as per my software. So, it will be very useful to everyone who takes a loan from the bank of any finance company. 


For any loan taken, we must repay it with equated monthly installments called EMI. This tool requires limited information like: 
1) The opening balance of a loan.
2) EMI-start-Month.
3) EMI amount.
4) Rate of interest.
5) Part payment amounts with month.
6) The details of EMI skipped.

Based on your information, this tool will calculate the entire EMI account statement, which can be compared with the statement of the loan-providing company.



Here, enter the principal amount (P), rate of interest (PCPA), (write 13 for 13%), and the number of months of EMI, then we will get EMI-amount. The information will be forwarded for the first-year EMI chart.

The software will take the principal-loan-amount, rate-of-interest, and EMI-start-month directly from the previous sheet. The latest modified information of these fields will be available throughout the EMI charts. 


For any changes in the EMI amount, enter the month from the drop-down menu and the new EMI amount in the next cell under the head "EMI".

For any changes in the rate of interest, enter the month from the drop-down menu and the new rate of interest in the next cell under the head "INTEREST".

If any part-payment is done, then enter the month from the drop-down menu and part-payment amount in this cell under head "Part-Payment".

If any EMI is missed, it will be entered here under the head "EMI not paid for some month".


Summary of the EMI statement:

All the information is available with the graph.


Friday, November 27, 2020

126-Calculator of a commutation of a pension

Dear friends,

Now you can download FORM-1 from this site also. Go to the bottom, click on top-right-symbol which shows as "pop-out " and download the form.

Click here to watch a video on this topic. 

This post is to calculate the commutation of a pension and pension amount after commutation. So many employees have taken VRS even at the age of 50 years. So, this software will help them to set a reminder for submission of Form-1 in their admin office. Following important particulars regarding the commutation of a pension will be available in this software.

Enter only the following information:

Enter your Staff-Number (M0xxxxx) or PPO-No (PPOxxxxx)




Date of Birth


Date of VRS/Superannuation


Basic pay at the time of VRS/Superannuation


IDA at the time of Commutation of pension (Approximately- For calculation only)


Percentage of Pension to be Commuted


The output will be as follows:

Please submit your FORM-1 in your Admin Office between 31-Aug-2021 and 30-Sep-2021.

Age on next birthday


Commuted value for 15 years


Monthly Commuted value


Basic Pension


Reduced monthly Pension after Commutation


IDA is calculated on Full Basic Pension, (On Rs 31410, at the rate of 165.4 %)


Total pension amount in the period of commutation


Total receivable pension amount after Tax in the period of commutation


Commutation shall stand restored either in 2036 or 2037 depending on the date of commutation started.



This output will be the same as we get the details of the commutation of our pension. This software is with more information about the commutation of pension.

Thanks for using this software.  



Tuesday, July 28, 2020

125-How to open your NPS Account Online

Dear friends,
Due to COVID-2019, it is always safe to stay at home. So this blog will help you to open your NPS account (National Pension System) online. 

It will really help you a lot.

NPS Tier 1 Tax Benefits
You get a tax deduction under Section 80CCD(1) and 80CCD(2) on contributions to the NPS up to Rs 1.5 lakh per annum.
  • In addition you can get a tax deduction on contributions up to Rs 50,000 under Section 80CCD(1B). Hence the total tax benefit on contributions to the NPS is Rs 2 lakh per annum.
  • In addition, the returns on NPS are tax-exempt while the money is retained in the NPS account.
  • On maturity, up to 60% of the accumulated NPS corpus can be withdrawn free of tax. Another 40% must be used to buy an annuity (regular pension).

When I was trying to open an on-line NPS account, I faced some problems and the same is being shared hare.

So we will see the procedure step by step:


Click on the following link to open the NPS account.

I used KARVY to register for NPS. You can choose anything.


Click on the Join NPS New User button.


If you select PAN, then the following task is being done.

NOTE: Please select the Point of Presence (POP) where you have an existing relationship – either a Savings/ Current account (in case of Bank) or any Demat/ Mutual Fund/ Insurance, etc. (in case of non-Bank). Your KYC verification under NPS will be done by the selected POP (Bank/ non-Bank). A onetime fee of up to maximum Rs. 125 (plus applicable taxes) will be charged by POP (Bank/ non-Bank) as KYC authentication charges.

Secondly, if you choose the AADHAR card, then follow the following diagram.

Here you need to be ready for the following:


Now generate an XML file of your AADHAR card which is to be uploaded while registering for the NPS account.


Now upload XML file on the system.


Now fill all the steps as given below.


Now you can pay a minimum of Rs. 500 and after payment, you will get your PRAN


Kindly note that your KYC details will be sent to the Bank selected by you during the registration process for verification. Once Bank has confirmed the KYC verification, you have the option to esign the registration form.


Now you can also download the NPS mobile app from Google Play Store for Android (http://bit.do/ewpU8) and Apple Play Store for iOS by searching "NPS by KFintech CRA".

In the same way, you can also register for the NPS account using the NSDL portal. 

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Monday, June 29, 2020

124-Interest and amount calculator of Senior Citizen Saving Scheme

Dear friends,

We started getting various amounts from our organization. Here is your personal calculation sheet of SCSS (Senior Citizen Saving Scheme) where you will get the details of the receivable amount at the time of maturity. It is developed in excel for you  This file you can download on your mobile, laptop, or desktop.

Step 1:

If you are using mobile for this software use, then install EXCEL from App station. Different methods are there for mobile as well as a laptop. We will see both.

Click here to download the calculator of the SCSS account.

It is in "View only" format, so download it on your laptop or mobile. First of all, Enter your name,  then start using it.

Here you must open RD (Recurring Deposit) account in any nationalized bank or post office for 5 years at the same time when you opened your SCSS account.

How to use this software tool:

1) Enter your name.
2) Enter the amount which you want to deposit in the SCSS account either in the bank or post-office.
3) Enter the rate of interest of the SCSS account.
4) Enter the rate of interest of Recurring Deposit account.

Here you can enter your data only in 4 yellow colored cells.

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

123-Details of the Amount received from MTNL/BSNL

Dear friends,

We started getting various amounts from our organization. Now, this software will keep the records of all such details of amounts received systematically and very simple manner.

Step 1:

If you are using mobile for this software use, then install EXCEL from App station. Different methods are there for mobile as well as a laptop. We will see both.

Click here to visit the software tool.

Step 2:

Now you will reach to the software as shown below: (For laptop users) 

Click on download symbol to get the software on the laptop as shown in the above figure.

Mobile users can get their file on mobile using the following step:

After getting the software from the site, you can save it on your mobile. for that, please click on the 3 vertical dots as shown in the adjoining figure.

Click on Save as button, and get the software on your mobile.

Step 3:

Now, the software is available on your laptop. Please see the following figure.

On the top, in the yellow-colored strip, you will see some warning, please click on the "Enable Editing" button to enter your data.

Step 4:

Now, start entering your information purely for you on your laptop. Keep this record safe for further entries and details of your records of the various amounts you received. See the following figure.

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