Wednesday, February 27, 2013

23-Front-Right-Back-Left-Top-Slice addition for Magic Cube


Dear Students,

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Today we will see the diagrammatic representation of Magic Cube & Plate Addition. This is one of the interesting parts of my eBook Miraculous World of NumbersThe Addition of the numbers on the "Front-Right-Back-Left-Top-Slice" is 318. You can try for other Slices & verify the results.

The different Name for these slices are as follows:

1) Front-Right-Back-Left-Top-Slice
2) Front-Right-Back-Left-Middle-Slice
3) Front-Right-Back-Left-Bottom-Slice

4) Front-Top-Back-Bottom-Left-Slice
5) Front-Top-Back-Bottom-Middle-Slice
6) Front-Top-Back-Bottom-Right-Slice

7) Right-Bottom-Left-Top-Front-Slice
8) Right-Bottom-Left-Top-Middle-Slice
9) Right-Bottom-Left-Top-Back-Slice

First, we will see the diagram of Magic Cube.

From Above Diagram, we will See the Diagram Of "1) Front-Right-Back-Left-Top-Slice". Here the addition of the numbers on this Slice is 318.

Above the list of remaining 8 Slices are given. So you can try for the remaining Slices.

Anil Satpute