Friday, January 17, 2020

116-Covering letters of 3 sets of pension form documents of MTNL Employees

Dear friends,

Click here to download the softcopy

This blog will help you to prepare 3 covering letters for the submission of your pension documents.

1 set is Area AO works (P & A)
1 set is CCA and,
1 set is for GPF.

Covering letters for all the above sets will be prepared for you and without any error, you will get your print outs of these 3 sets.

The only thing is that you will have to fill the first sheet of this excel form correctly and get all 3 sheets.

Please forward the link of this blog to everyone, so that they will be benefited

In the EXCEL sheets given for download, the first sheet is as shown above. Only fill the data given in colored cells. Then you will get the print out for 3 sets to be submitted in the accounts office.

1) Area AO (Works/P & A) Set

2) CCA Set
3) GPF Set
So covering letters for your 3 sets are ready. Take the print and submit the pension form documents.

All the best.


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