Thursday, December 12, 2019

113-Ready to fill Pension form for MTNL Employees in WFMS

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Click on this link to download the "Ready-to-fill" software click on this link and download the ready to fill the form.

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All MTNL VRS opted employees are aware that everyone must fill their pension form through WFMS. While filling data in this system, we need to enter some data in the system and some data will be populated by the system through the system's search window.

Here first we will see the procedure to fill the form and we will prepare one ready-to-fill form well in advance to get your data entry in the WFMS very very fast as many more employees can fill these forms as fast as possible.


1) Open WFMS screen using the user-ID and password of the officer through whom the time-sheet is being prepared.
2) See the following picture:

3) Clicking on the "Common" tab given in above screen, we will see "VRS Data Input" under the tab "7 Voluntary Retirement Scheme"
4) Click on the search button to get Employee details.

Employee related data will be populated by the system shown with water-marked data in the grey colored fields.
5) All date-related fields are to be field through Calander populated screen as shown below.

6) Now, family details and Alternative Nominee must be filled very carefully. So download the following Excel-sheet which is also called "Ready-to-fill-format". This Ready-to-fill-format must be prepared well in advance before starting the data input in WFMS.

7) After entering the data in the WFMS, save the data. Now you can make any changes in this form till we submit it in the system. The filled data will look like this:

8) After submitting it on WFMS, we can't change any data. Now go to Common with option 7-5-2 for VRS Pension Form, we will see the following window:

9) Search for our Employee No through WFMS, we will see the following:

This is our final output of 24 pages pension documents.

Please write your valuable comments/suggestions to improve this software tool.

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