Wednesday, January 30, 2013

02-Every Child is Brilliant

you might have read my yesterday's Blog about My New eBook "Miraculous world of Numbers". Today I would like to talk to you about the Brilliancy of Every Child. My view everyone is Brilliant in their respective thinking & their work. Now I would like to tell something to my Dearest Students.

Dear Students,
you all are very Brilliant. You need to love studying any subject in the way you understand. First of all, try to find the Technical Meaning of each word from the line which you are reading. After that now you will understand that particular line/Statement. Like this, statement by statement if you are reading & understand each statement then definitely you will understand the concept of the paragraph.   Think this way that why the Author/Scientist/Mathematician had written the statement which one you are reading. Then the concept of an entire topic will be cleared and definitely, you will understand the topic very easily.

I wish you all the best for reading the topic carefully.

For Parents:

Dear Parents,

Actually, you all are very happy with your every child who is very Brilliant. I need not tell you anything. But I can request you kindly to take care of every child as all children are really very good at their Studies. Please don't compare your child with anyone, even with his/her own siblings.

Please give them proper instructions & see whether they understood these instructions properly or not & at the end of the day, whenever you find time to see whether your child followed those instructions or not. Everything about the child need to be taken will cares.

Anil Satpute

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  1. Very well said about parenting! As a parent, I will try to practice it. Please keep writing such informative things. Thanks.