Thursday, February 28, 2013

24-Some Children never show their Smartness

Some child may express his/her view instantaneously.  If someone any question, then he/she will answer that question instantly. In any situation, he/she will solve the problem by making use of his/her quickness.

Simultaneously, some situations are like this, that only the silent child may overcome from that problem. He/she may give a better solution than the other one. He/she may never expose himself/herself at all even if he/she had done an excellent job.

Here we may notice that one may speak instantly and the other one will not take part in any discussion. Here we should never think that the child, who is not participating in the discussion is not that much smart. We should think this way that the topic of discussion may not be of his/her interest.

Definitely, there will be a time when he/she will actively participate in the discussion of his/her interest. Here, as a parent, we must encourage our both the children in the field of their interest.

But simultaneously, we need to tell him/her the truth of the life that we may or may not get everything of our interest. We need to accept so many things which we may not like. Accepting disliked things are the challenges to us. We may learn so many delicacies (need for tact) from these situations.

We need to encourage our child but should not admire or praise or applause in front of him/her (sometimes it is also needed to admire them in front of them, but not always).

As a parent, we need to act according to the situations and handle all the tasks in such a way that the result of each task is always positive.

Tell both the children that they will always be away from ego. Ego is our nearest enemy.

Handling all the critical situations are the sign of good parents. Everyone always wants that their child should have all the good habits. If we started to build these good manners, right ways of life and so on right from their small age, definitely in future we will observe everything nice in our child.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

23-Front-Right-Back-Left-Top-Slice addition for Magic Cube

Today we will see the diagrammatic representation of Magic Cube & Plate Addition. This is one of the interesting parts of my eBook Miraculous World of NumbersThe Addition of the numbers on the "Front-Right-Back-Left-Top-Slice" is 318. You can try for other Slices & verify the results.

The different Name for these slices are as follows:

1) Front-Right-Back-Left-Top-Slice
2) Front-Right-Back-Left-Middle-Slice
3) Front-Right-Back-Left-Bottom-Slice

4) Front-Top-Back-Bottom-Left-Slice
5) Front-Top-Back-Bottom-Middle-Slice
6) Front-Top-Back-Bottom-Right-Slice

7) Right-Bottom-Left-Top-Front-Slice
8) Right-Bottom-Left-Top-Middle-Slice
9) Right-Bottom-Left-Top-Back-Slice

First, we will see the diagram of Magic Cube.

From Above Diagram, we will See the Diagram Of "1) Front-Right-Back-Left-Top-Slice". Here the addition of the numbers on this Slice is 318.

Above the list of remaining 8 Slices are given. So you can try for the remaining Slices.

Anil Satpute

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

22-Simple Method to Solve Mensuration Problem

I delivered the lecture on Mathematical Fun.  It was delivered in Indian Language “Marathi”. If you understand Marathi, Please click here to see my Lecture on youTube.


One Student of 10th Standard / 10th grade asked me one question. I would like to share the method of solving the problem & its presentation with you. Please go through it & make the habit of applying the same technique to solve other problems & please share this technique with your friends & relatives. (Please note one thing that “By distributing our knowledge, it will boost & by keeping it only with us, it will reduce”).   

The Problem is very simple. Please see the following Problem.

The Volume of a sphere is 3052.08 cubic centimeters, find its radius. (π = 3.14) (Note: Don’t use a calculator)

Actually, this problem is very simple. But I would like to tell you the simple method of calculations & the proper method of presentation of this problem on paper.

First I would like to discuss the presentation, which will be useful for all the problems.

I would like to give numbers to each step. These numbers are to be written to the left of each step. Secondly, the equation numbers are to be given only to the equations & to be written to the right of the equations. You can see the above problem which is solved by using the same technique.

Now we will discuss the basics of the problem.

Here we know that V = 4/3 π r3

Here we want to find radius so r3 = 3V/4π. So many students will solve this problem by taking the product of numerator & the product of Denominator & then take the division. I had done this problem with the different method of calculations which are very simple and also authentic.

(Note: The description written in the box bracket in BLACK is only to understand the steps & not to be written in the solution of the problem)
                                    4 π r3
1) We know that, V = ----------
     So                   r3 = ----------            ---------------- (1)
                                      4 π
        3 x 3052.08
2)  So                 r3 = ---------------------      
                                       4 x 3.14

[Multiply Numerator & denominator by 100]

        3 x 305208
3)                         r3 = ---------------------      
                                         4 x 314

[Divide Numerator & denominator by 4]

        3 x 76302
4)                         r3 = ------------------

[Here we need to get Right Hand Side as the perfect cube so try to get 9 from 76302 as one 3 is already available in the numerator]

        3 x 9 x 8478
5)                         r3 = ---------------------

[The Number 8478 is even which is divisible by 2. But as tenth Placed digit of 8478 is 7 which is odd & when divided by 2 gives reminder as 1 and the next number for division will be 18 which when divided by 2 gives 9 which is odd & so we don’t have two more 2’s for getting required three 2’s for perfect cube. So divide numerator & denominator by 2]

        3 x 9 x 4239
6)                         r3 = ---------------------

[Here 4239 is odd. The sum of the digits (4+2+3+9 = 18) which is divisible by 3 so take 3 out from 4239]

        3 x 9 x 3 x 1413
7)                         r3 = --------------------------

[Here the sum of the digits (1+4+1+3 = 9) which is divisible by 9 so take 9 out from 1413]

        3 x 9 x 3 x 9 x 157
8)                         r3 = -----------------------------

[Here dividing Numerator & denominator by 157 directly, we get]

9)                         r3 = 3 x 9 x 3 x 9             

[So we get the direct Answer as]

10)                                                         r3 = 3 x (3 x 3) x 3 x (3 x 3)
                            r3 = (3 x 3) 3
                        r = 3 x 3
                             r = 9                                             

So the radius of the sphere is 9.                              

Like this, you can also find so many ways of simple calculation methods and apply the same to other problems.

Anil Satpute

Monday, February 25, 2013

21-3x3x3 Magic Cube With Diagonal Addition

Today we will see the diagrammatic representation of Magic Cube & Diagonal Addition. This is a very interesting part of my eBook Miraculous World of Numbers. One interesting Diagonal Addition with "Top-Bottom diagonal" was already discussed in BLOG-10. The Addition of the numbers on the "Top-Bottom-Front-Left-Diagonal" Block is 495. Today we will see “Front-Back-Top-Left-Diagonal “block. The Addition of the Numbers on this block will also be 495.

The idea will be cleared from the following Diagram.

The Magic Cube from which we have selected “Front-Back-Top-Left-Diagonal

Now see the Diagonal Block.

Check & verify. Try to find other relation & send me your creative idea by entering your data in the Entry Form given at Top-Left Tab

Saturday, February 23, 2013

20-Every Child Needs Proper Direction

Every Day, from morning till night, everyone is doing there work. Like this, a small kid also starts his/her work since morning. Suppose in the evening, all of our family members are gossiping and our kid of age say 1 or 1 & half years old is also playing by his/her own. While running from one place to the another, if the kid falls down and starts crying, then both Parents rush toward the kid & try to divert his/her mind to some other direction. Some of the parents may start Convincing the kid by telling them that it wasn't his/her fault but the ground's flaw that he/she fell down. 

No doubt here we are diverting the mind of the child from crying, but simultaneously, we are directing him/her to rely on blaming others rather than correcting them.

Now we will see some other example. 

So I will change my words, Now I will say, In school, Teacher allots some Happy work to the students. Some Students do this work honestly, with proper study, understanding the concept; then writing the answers. Some student may do this work simply by copying from other students & some of the students may not do their work at all.

While checking this work, if the teacher asks about these cases, then one by one student will say I couldn't do this work because of someone had taken my notebook or simply say I had some work so I couldn't do this work.

Here shifting the reasons from one part to another, the student may make more & more mistakes.

The habit of speaking lie will be a serious problem for the child so right from a small age, the child needs proper directions.

Anil Satpute

Friday, February 22, 2013

19-Draw Perpendicular Bisector on Line Segment Drawn at the bottom of the page

Many numbers of students are scared in the Geometry period. The basic concept right from lower grade/standard is cleared then Geometry will become your friend. Let us start a few concepts related to the topic “Point, Line & Plan”. On the notebook, if you put a mark by the sharp tip of the pencil, we may say that there are thousands of points available on this point. So think this way that how beautiful the concept of a point is. The detailed definition will be taught to you by your respected Teacher. By using these tiny points, we can draw a straight line. & using the concept of Euclidean Geometry, we can draw the plan. In my Basic Concept sections, I will explain each & every part of the basic concept of the topics one by one. For that, I need your help.

You please write your doubts by filling out the form “Contact us” in detail so that we will smoothly discuss the basics of the topic as per your requirement.

On the basis of the above topic, I would like to ask you to draw the perpendicular bisector to a line segment drawn at the bottom of the page as shown in the following diagram. 

You all are aware of drawing the perpendicular bisector to the line segment. You need a compass 

You can write the procedure of drawing the perpendicular bisector.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

18-Encourage your child to be more curious.

We all know that this new generation is very smart and think more and more about any subject. Every child is more curious about everything happening around him/her. We need to increase their confidence along with their curiosity simply by telling the new concepts to our child.

The child may be curious about their school subject topics or may be interested to know the relationship between their relatives. They may be interested even for a very small thing like how can we see the object around us. These causes may be very small in our angle, but the child might be thinking in different ways according to their age. The may have an ample number of queries right from day 1. Some of them might get solved. But some may be still there with them. I think now those queries might get wider than the previous one.

It is my habit that whenever I find some children, then I start asking them some tricks of mathematical fun.

Once when I went to China, in a group of some students, I told them the proof of 3 + 3 = 7. Suddenly they were surprised & asked me more explanation about the same. After the explanation, nearly everybody was more curious about the proof and tried to find out the mistake in the proof. After a few moments.

I was very happy to listen to them about the basic concept of the topic.

I would like to clear this point you that “I am a very ordinary person. These are my views. You may know better than me. If you suggest me something more, I will definitely improve myself and improve my Blogs.

Anil Satpute

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

17-Teach Banking Stuff to your child

Now it is time to learn everything about our lifestyle and all the necessary things required for us. One of the most important tasks is to learn the Banking Business.  Right from the small age of our child, he/she should know about the Banking Stuff.

Nowadays, it is the time of Internet Banking, Phone Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash Cards.

Now we need to teach all the aspects of Internet Banking starting with the creation of user ID/Password. Every Bank has got its own way to use the Banking Account by the user. Some Bank provides us Username & Password & then sends the Dynamic Code on our registered Mobile & email for double security purpose. Some Bank Provide their own tools (Software for Token with desk-top-page) with User Name/Password & Token-Pin with separate Transaction Id & Password. Like this, there are so many other concepts of net Banking. These concepts need to be taught to our Child.

Secondly, we need to teach them the functioning of the Bank. The concept of Cheque (some countries call it a check), Banker’s Cheque, Demand Draft and so on. The detailed functioning of Credit Card, Debit Card (ATM Card), Cash Card needs to be taught to our child.

Our child should know how to withdraw the amount from ATM (we need to be there in ATM center Along with the child). Like this, he/she will know the functioning of the ATM.

Simultaneously, we can build the habit of saving the amount in Bank, right from their small age.

This will increase their curiosity about banking Sectors and definitely it will help the child to build the good habits.

I think Awareness of the complete knowledge will help to stop the fraud in Internet Banking.

Anil Satpute

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

16-Take your Child to Market

Nowadays, the Market strategy is changed. We need not go to the grocery shop or fruits market to purchase the materials. Everywhere, the malls are opened with all such facilities so more & more peoples are attracted towards Mall.

Secondly, a single phone call is sufficient to get the household materials at your doorsteps.

New generation IP based technology will have so many useful applications & checks the requirement of the material at your home & the same things can be delivered to your doorsteps well before it finishes. You can program your refrigerator to check the level of the milk in the milk pot and after it reaches to a certain level, the order will be placed to the milkman for delivering the milk. There will not be more time for this technology to be available for us.

Even then you need to take your child to the market to understand the market strategy. These tactics will definitely help him/her to improve the basic skills in a child right from their small age. Your son/daughter will definitely enjoy going to the Malls. There you can explain him/her the entire working of the Mall. You can also ask him/her to help you to take the items, tell him/her to pay the bills and so on.

The child needs to understand the approximate quantity of the material so that their approximation skills will get improved. For example how many pieces of mangoes will be there in 1 kg? Then certainly, the child should think about the size of a mango. It indicates that the child can build the relation between size, a number of pieces & the weight 1 kg.

This way you can improve the skills of your child.

I would like to clear this point with you that “I am a very ordinary person. These are my views. You may know better than me. If you suggest me something more, I will definitely improve myself and improve my Blogs.

Monday, February 18, 2013

15-We are only Ideal Guides (Gurus) for ourselves

We ourselves are only Ideal Guides (Gurus) for us. To make use of this concept one should need to be very honest. It may be sometimes difficult, but it will definitely change your life.

Here we need to accept all the good and bad thoughts/ habits/ actions/ things inside us. Once we decide that we can do this well, then we can do the following things and make ourselves more powerful than others.

 First of all list out all, good things say thoughts/ habits/ action/ behaviors and so on, which are inside us. Then we must improve these things more and more so that there will be somewhat less space available for other things. One thing we will definitely remember that EGO is our nearest enemy so we must keep it aside while improving our good things.

 The above list of good things needs to contain each and everything about us. Every small or large thing need to be included in this list so that our mind will get encouraged more & more to improve.

 Now it is the turn to list out all the bad things about us. (This is only the difficult task to do). But we must do this very honestly. Our anger, habit of a speaking lie, time wasting. These are an example of the bad things. We all are a better judge for these things, so we need to prepare the list of all the bad things in us. Now we need to minimize rather say avoid all these things and see the results. All fruitful atmospheres will be available around us and we will be the happiest person in the world.

These things can be done only by us because we know us better.

 We all together will start doing this experiment to improve ourselves.

 I would like to clear this point with you that “I am a very ordinary person. These are my views. You may know better than me. If you suggest something more, I will definitely improve myself and improve my Blogs.

 I thank my wife Ms. Jyoti for giving an Idea of today’s Blog.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

14-Idea about Funny Addition Given in Blog-07

Today we will discuss the concept related to the Funny Addition given in BLOG-07.

First, we will what addition was given in Addition-1


I added three numbers 1) 74613, 2) 340, 3) 340 and I got the addition as 437. The details are as follows:
Your Answer to above addition is 75293, but I had written the answer as 437. Now we will rotate above picture (Up-Side-Down). It will look like this:
Here numbers written in above Picture look like one, one, eight, & answer ten 
(see the following Picture)

So here Addition of one, one, eight will be 1 + 1 + 8 = 10 so I had written 
the answer as ten as shown in the above picture.

Now see the addition 2


Add 4 numbers 
1) 74613, 274613, 3) 340, 4) 340 and their addition will be 43374613 .
As shown in the following diagram.
Your Answer to above addition is 149906, but I had written the answer as 43374613.
Rotate through 180 degrees. (i.e. Up-Side-Down)
See the explanation about the numbers & the letters/ words as given below.
So the addition of 8, 8, 1, 1 was given as 43374613 i.e. eighteen 
(The number 18 in the word)

 Similarly, For Addition 3


Add 3 numbers 
1) 437, 274613, 3) 340 and their addition will be 43373414 .
As shown in the following diagram.

Your Answer to above addition is 75390, but I had written the answer as 433743414.
Rotate through 180 degrees. (i.e. Up-Side-Down)
See the explanation about the numbers & the letters/ words as given below.

So the addition of 1, 8, 10 was given as 433743414 i.e. nineteen (The number 19 in the word)

Enjoy such type of Mathematical Fun & try to create so many new Funny 
Tricks of Mathematics so that you and your friends will also enjoy the beauty of
Mathematics. Start loving Mathematics by creating such Beautiful ideas.

I thank Aaswad Anil Satpute (my elder son) for helping me to resolve the 
software issues.

Similarly, I also thank Abhishek Anil Satpute (my younger son) for helping his mother.
Ms. Jyoti for the creative designing the pictures for my Blogs.

Anil Satpute