Saturday, August 31, 2013

71-Preparing of Jumbo magic square

A) Magic square using sketches of 3x3 on 4x4

We have already learned how to build the magic square using magic Sketch. Now using various types of magic sketches, we can prepare the magic square of large sizes. We can call these magic squares “jumbo magic squares”. 

Using “3 x 3” & “4 x 4” magic sketches we can prepare magic square of “12 x 12” houses. There are two ways to build magic squares using this concept.
    1)     Using the adjoining sketch of “4 x 4” as the base and considering each point as a square of “3 x 3” houses, we will prepare the sketch for  “12 x 12” and accordingly we will complete the jumbo magic square of 144 houses (12 x 12). In place of point “A”, Joining point “B” of this magic sketch with point “A” of next point of the base sketch. In the same manner, we will fix all such 16 squares reaching to the last point of the base sketch. See the following diagram.