Thursday, January 31, 2013

03-New Concept about Magic Cube

This one of the interesting topic of my eBook "Miraculous World of Numbers" While working on Magic Squares, I thought that why can't we prepare the Magic Cube in the same manner as Magic Square. Then use my concept of Magic Sketch of 3x3, I prepare the Magic cube of order 3x3x3 with the numbers 1 to 27. Here I am explaining about the Magic Cube of 4x4x4.using the Magic Sketch of 4x4.

See the following Magic Sketch of 4x4.

Arrange this Sketch on the 6 surfaces of the cube and write the numbers from 1 to 96 accordingly so that it will become a Magic Cube. See the following diagram to make your concept clear about the Magic Cube.

Here we can open this cube to get Vertical-Slice, Horizontal-Slice & Cross-sectional-Slice. Here each group has 4 such Slices with same Addition. Similarly, the Groups of two diagonals of Front-Bach-Surface, Left-Right-Surface, and Top-Bottom-Surface all will have the same Addition. Those Diagrams will be seen in the next Blog.

If any more addition you suggested will be included in this eBook.

I thank Mrs. Jyoti Satpute for creating the skilled designing work for all my eBooks getting published very soon.

Waiting for your valuable suggestions Please.

Thanks with Regards

Anil Satpute

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

02-Every Child is Brilliant

you might have read my yesterday's Blog about My New eBook "Miraculous world of Numbers". Today I would like to talk to you about the Brilliancy of Every Child. My view everyone is Brilliant in their respective thinking & their work. Now I would like to tell something to my Dearest Students.

Dear Students,
you all are very Brilliant. You need to love studying any subject in the way you understand. First of all, try to find the Technical Meaning of each word from the line which you are reading. After that now you will understand that particular line/Statement. Like this, statement by statement if you are reading & understand each statement then definitely you will understand the concept of the paragraph.   Think this way that why the Author/Scientist/Mathematician had written the statement which one you are reading. Then the concept of an entire topic will be cleared and definitely, you will understand the topic very easily.

I wish you all the best for reading the topic carefully.

For Parents:

Dear Parents,

Actually, you all are very happy with your every child who is very Brilliant. I need not tell you anything. But I can request you kindly to take care of every child as all children are really very good at their Studies. Please don't compare your child with anyone, even with his/her own siblings.

Please give them proper instructions & see whether they understood these instructions properly or not & at the end of the day, whenever you find time to see whether your child followed those instructions or not. Everything about the child need to be taken will cares.

Anil Satpute

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

01-Numbers are the Stars, We must play with them

In this Book, I created so many new concepts to improve the Human Brain. Here few pages of my book are given. Please Suggest me to Improve the skills of this book which will help others to increase the interest in Mathematics.

Magic Cube, making of Magic Square from Magic Sketch (Magic Diagram), Making of magic square from Playing Cards and different Numbers with different colors, Magic Squares of logarithmic functions,  Magic Square with Multiplications, Test of divisibility of 7, all such concepts are the part of the research work included in this book.

The concept of preparing Magic Square from Magic Sketch

Now we will prepare the Magic Square using Magic Sketch. Take the 64 Numbers say 1, 2, 3, ---, 63, 64. (a = 1, d = 1 & get 64 numbers using Arithmetic Progression)   

See the following Sketch of 8x8 points as shown in the following diagram.

Using above  Magic Sketch, write 1 in the square at point "A" and going along the Sketch, write 2, 3, and son till you reach at point "B" for the number 64. See the following Magic Square.

Kindly suggest me your opinion about this concept.

I will add a few more pages of my eBook "Miraculous World of Numbers" for getting more suggestions from you to improve this eBook only for you.