Saturday, January 25, 2020

118-Step-by-step Online CGHS form creation of MTNL & BSNL Employees

Dear friends,
In the previous blog "117-Online CGHS form submission of MTNL & BSNL Employees"
The details of the CGHS procedure are given in this blog.

Now we will see the procedure about "how to fill the CGHS form online.


Click HERE for CGHS site:

We will see the following screen:


Click on "Apply Plastic cards", we will see the following screen:

Enter your mobile number and Captcha which is case sensitive. 


We will get OTP on our mobile. Enter it on the web page as shown in the following screen.

Then go for "New Employees/Pensioners who are not CGHS beneficiaries" and click on the green button "Apply Now"


Note 1) If you are entering your details the FIRST time enters all the details asked in this form.
         2) If you want to EDIT your data NEXT time, then click on EDIT DETAILS & PRINT FORM    and edit your data any time.

After entering your details and click on Save & Proceed system will allot one acknowledgment number

THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT TO NOTE "acknowledgment number"


If you want to EDIT your data NEXT time, then click on EDIT DETAILS & PRINT FORM    and edit your data any time.

After clicking on the EDIT DETAILS & PRINT FORM button, you have to enter the acknowledgment number.


Edit the remaining family details and get the print.


117-Online CGHS form submission of MTNL & BSNL Employees

Dear Friends,
Now we will see how to fill the CGHS form online.

Keep the following things with you:
1) LPC received from AO (P & A)
2) Obtain NOC from area Admin from where you got retired on form 2 signed by SM Admin. No claim for Fixed Medical Allowance - mentioned in NoC from SM(Admin).
3) Fill the online application in website. (See the following chart for respective levels.

For MTNL Employees (Level 1 to 6):

For MTNL Employees (Level 7 to 12 & above):

For BSNL Employees (Level 1 to 6):

For BSNL Employees (Level 7 to 12 & above):

4) Approach respective CGHS office and confirm from there amount of DD to be taken. (It will be 120 times of the amount shown in "Contribution (in Rs./Month) as per MoH&FW OM dated 09.01.2017 (Last column in the above tables) "
5) Fill the online application in website.
6) Keep the blood group of you and all dependants ready to fill the same in online CGHS form.
7) Once correctly filled up you will get a token number from the website. Take the print out.
8) Take Copy of Adhar and PAN card of self and of wife duly self-attested.
9) Take DD and submit along with the application.
10) Keep all originals for verification at the CGHS counter.
11) CGHS on accepting applications will give an acknowledgment and give a date for collecting receipt and ID.
12) Receipt to be submitted to area AO for receiving 50% (Maximum up to Rs, 40000) of the contribution from MTNL.


Friday, January 17, 2020

116-Covering letters of 3 sets of pension form documents of MTNL Employees

Dear friends,

Click here to download the softcopy

This blog will help you to prepare 3 covering letters for the submission of your pension documents.

1 set is Area AO works (P & A)
1 set is CCA and,
1 set is for GPF.

Covering letters for all the above sets will be prepared for you and without any error, you will get your print outs of these 3 sets.

The only thing is that you will have to fill the first sheet of this excel form correctly and get all 3 sheets.

Please forward the link of this blog to everyone, so that they will be benefited

In the EXCEL sheets given for download, the first sheet is as shown above. Only fill the data given in colored cells. Then you will get the print out for 3 sets to be submitted in the accounts office.

1) Area AO (Works/P & A) Set

2) CCA Set
3) GPF Set
So covering letters for your 3 sets are ready. Take the print and submit the pension form documents.

All the best.


Friday, January 10, 2020

115-Documentation of pension forms of MTNL Employees

Dear friends,
I am writing this blog which contains my view and my concepts only. According to this concept, I think it may be easy for every one of us. If you like this, then follow it, else you may have your own way to adopt the procedure for arranging the pension papers and submitting in accounts unit.

Let us have a look at this concept.

If we arrange the pension papers as per the requirements of the Account section, it will be easy for us to arrange the papers and wastage of papers will be avoided.

Step 1:

Step 2:

As per the above list, please arrange the number of copies in the following three sets.

Step 3:
After arranging these papers according to the above list. Set these labels to these bunch of papers and submit them to account section.

Note: These are my views. I think it may help all of us.


Sunday, January 5, 2020

114-Detail procedure of pension form of MTNL Employees

Dear friends,

Click here for English Video

Now it's time to submit our pension forms. So follow the following steps systematically to make our pension form submission easily.

1) Submit your data entry form in WFMS after saving,
2) Take the print outs as given below.
3) Write the page number on the top right-hand corner by pencil which is to be erased at the end.
4) MOST IMPORTANT: Please don't staple, don't tie or don't punch any paper as different papers are going to different sections.

5) Take all actions for each page as given above.
6) Page No 20 is the covering letter for your submission.
7) Arrange all pages along with some document copies as given below.
All the best for the submission of your pension form.