Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Concept about Magic Cube


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Dear Friends,
This one of the interesting topic of my eBook "Miraculous World of Numbers" While working on Magic Squares, I thought that why can't we prepare the Magic Cube in the same manner as Magic Square. Then use my concept of Magic Sketch of 3x3, I prepare the Magic cube of order 3x3x3 with the numbers 1 to 27. Here I am explaining about the Magic Cube of 4x4x4.using the Magic Sketch of 4x4.

See the following Magic Sketch of 4x4.

Arrange this Sketch on the 6 surfaces of  the cube and write the numbers from 1 to 96 accordingly so that it will become a Magic Cube. See the following diagram to make your concept clear about the Magic Cube.

Here we can open this cube to get Vertical-Slice, Horizontal-Slice & Cross-sectional-Slice. Here each group has 4 such Slices with same Addition. Similarly, the Groups of  two diagonals of Front-Bach-Surface, Left-Right-Surface and Top-Bottom-Surface all will have the same Addition. Those Diagrams will be seen in the next Blog.

If any more addition you suggested will be included in this eBook.

I thank Mrs Jyoti Satpute for creating the skilled designing work for all my eBooks getting published very soon.

Waiting for your valuable suggestions Please.

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