Monday, February 25, 2013

21-3x3x3 Magic Cube With Diagonal Addition


Dear Students

Today we will see the diagrammatic representation of Magic Cube & Diagonal Addition. This is a very interesting part of my eBook Miraculous World of Numbers. One interesting Diagonal Addition with "Top-Bottom diagonal" was already discussed in BLOG-10. The Addition of the numbers on the "Top-Bottom-Front-Left-Diagonal" Block is 495. Today we will see “Front-Back-Top-Left-Diagonal “block. The Addition of the Numbers on this block will also be 495.

The idea will be cleared from the following Diagram.

The Magic Cube from which we have selected “Front-Back-Top-Left-Diagonal

Now see the Diagonal Block.

Check & verify. Try to find other relation & send me your creative idea by entering your data in the Entry Form given at Top-Left Tab

Anil Satpute