Monday, February 11, 2013

09-Build Your Child with Good Values


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Dear Parents,

There are so many interactions between your child and his/her friends whenever he/she is outside, say in School or Market or in the playground.

Whenever you find some spare time along with your child, please have some healthy discussion about a day he/she spend outside. If this is happening the first time, then it may take some more days to get your child to speak openly to you. Give him/her ample time to open and have a more specific discussion about a day spent outside.

Once the situation will be like this that he/she will tell you each and everything happening outside. This habit of healthy discussion will very much useful for your entire family.

From this discussion, you will come to know the requirements of your child. Secondly, the most important task is this that you will come to know the friend circle of your child and accordingly you may guide your child about the bad behavior of his/her friends. Good values can be taught to him/her.

The second situation may be like this that if any bad situation occurs with your child or his friend, you may help them. For their good behavior, you may encourage them to improve more and more so that it will be the best start to build the good world.

You can also form a group of such people who really want to take care of their child with good Values. I think, definitely, you can manage some spare time for your child.  So many problems related to your child can be discussed in this group and definitely, there will be some solution to come out from that problem.

Please remember well that by sending your child some good coaching institute or Educational Organization will not conclude your responsibilities. Be sure that you will have a major role to build your child with good Values.
In your discussion, you may tell him/her so many new concepts of an enjoyable life. You may also tell him/her, how to face the bad or critical situation.

After a few days only, you will realize that your child can solve some of your problems as per his/her thinking level.

This type of healthy discussions will also help your child to think more and more and so their thinking power will also be increased and it results to increase their school grades.

Happy building your child with good Values.

Anil Satpute