Friday, February 22, 2013

19-Draw Perpendicular Bisector on Line Segment Drawn at the bottom of the page


Dear Students,

Many numbers of students are scared in the Geometry period. The basic concept right from lower grade/standard is cleared then Geometry will become your friend. Let us start few concept related to the topic “Point, Line & Plan”. On the notebook, if you put a mark by the sharp tip of the pencil, we may say that there are thousand of points available on this point. So think this way that how beautiful the concept of point is. The detailed definition will be taught to you by your respected Teacher. By using these tiny points, we can draw a straight line. & using the concept of Euclidean Geometry, we can draw the plan. In my Basic Concept sections, I will explain each & every part of the basic concept of the topics one by one. For that, I need your help.

You please write your doubts by filling the form “Contact us” in detail so that we will smoothly discuss the basics of the topic as per your requirement.

On the basis of above topic, I would like to ask you to draw the perpendicular bisector to a line segment drawn at the bottom of the page as shown in the following diagram. 

You all are aware of drawing the perpendicular bisector to the line segment. You need a compass 

You can write the procedure of drawing the perpendicular bisector. Write all the details by filling the “Entry Form” available at the Left top of the Blog.

Your participation in world-wide-study-program of Mathematics will definitely build the world with powerful thinking level.

I am waiting for the procedure of perpendicular bisector.