Thursday, February 21, 2013

18-Encourage your child to be more curious.


Dear Parents,

We all know that this new generation is very smart and think more and more about any subject. Every child is more curious about every thing happening around him/her. We need to increase their confidence along with their curiosity simply by telling the new concepts to our child.

The child may be curious about their school subject topics or may be interested to know the relationship of their relatives. They may be interested even for a very small thing like how can we see the object around us. These causes may be very small in our angle, but the child might be thinking in different ways according to their age. The may have ample number of queries right from day 1. Some of them might get solved. But some may be still there with them. I think now those queries might get wider than previous one.

It is my habit that when ever I find some children, then I start asking them some tricks of mathematical fun.

Once when I went to China, in a group of some students, I told them the proof of 3 + 3 = 7. (Please see BLOG-08 ). Suddenly they were surprised & asked me more explanation about the same. After the explanation, nearly every body was more curious about the proof and tried to find out the mistake in the proof. After few moments, one of the students told correct step where the mistake is. (Please see BLOG-16)

I was very happy to listen from them about the basic concept of the topic.

I would like to clear this point with you that “I am very ordinary person. These are my views. You may know better than me. If you suggest me something more, I will definitely improve myself and improve my Blogs.

Anil Satpute