Wednesday, February 13, 2013

11-Program of Studies for Students and Parents


Dear Students & Parents,

I am starting one Study Program for Students.  It is purely for the benefits of Students in their School Studies. If the Students have any doubt about Mathematics, they can send their doubts directly to me on my email id According to their doubts, I will send them the solution for their doubts along with the Basic Concept of the topic related to those doubts.

The Basic Concept of the same Topic will be published in My Next Blog so that the other Students will also get the benefit of this Basics. I am really very much interested to help all the Students of the entire World for getting the Basic Ideas/Concepts of Mathematics so that all of them will be in the position to increase their thinking levels in all the Subject right from their Small Ages.

Parents can also send the doubts of their Child to me on my email id after filling the Entry Form for Parents.

Parents need to encourage their child to participate in This Program.

Students need to send their doubts in detail to me on my email id after filling the Entry Form for Students.

Dear Students, you must encourage your friends to participate in this Program to improve the skills of this new generation of the entire World with High Thinking Level.

Thanks for participating in this new concept of “Learning Basics Concepts” through this Program.

With Regards

Anil Satpute