Thursday, February 14, 2013

12-Search Talent in your Child


Dear Students,

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Every time, Parents think that why my Child could not perform well in the examination?  He/She is quite smart in studies. His/Her teachers are also talking about the same that he/she can do better orally but can’t perform in written exams.

It may be like this that his/her smartness may be due to his/her creative ideas in the subject he/she like rather than the school subjects. He/She may be trying to apply those creative ideas in the school subjects. But he/she couldn’t get success in the school studies.

There are the cases of some students that they are very smart at communications. They have well-speaking skills bust can’t write exam papers. They may have creative ideas to express the concept of those subject orally but when the question about to write these concepts, they may fail.

There may also be the case of a student who can do better in writing with the systematic way and can’t answer the same thing orally. Such a student can score more in written examination but fails in oral exams.

Some students may not be good at speaking as well as writing, but are very good at singing/dancing/cooking or may be smart at so many other places where both speaking/writing is required.

So I personally request you kindly to search for talent in your child and provide him/her the proper guidelines in the direction of his/her interest. So like this you yourself can improve the skills of your child by providing him/her the proper help in the direction of his/her interest.

Anil Satpute