Monday, February 18, 2013

15-We are only Ideal Guides (Gurus) for ourselves


Dear Students/Parents,

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We ourselves are only Ideal Guides (Gurus) for us. To make use of this concept one should need to be very honest. It may be sometimes difficult, but it will definitely change your life.

Here we need to accept all the good and bad thoughts/ habits/ actions/ things inside us. Once we decide that we can do this well, then we can do the following things and make ourselves more powerful than others.

 First of all list out all, good things say thoughts/ habits/ action/ behaviors and so on, which are inside us. Then we must improve these things more and more so that there will be somewhat less space available for other things. One thing we will definitely remember that EGO is our nearest enemy so we must keep it aside while improving our good things.

 The above list of good things needs to contain each and everything about us. Every small or large thing need to be included in this list so that our mind will get encouraged more & more to improve.

 Now it is the turn to list out all the bad things about us. (This is only the difficult task to do). But we must do this very honestly. Our anger, habit of a speaking lie, time wasting. These are an example of the bad things. We all are a better judge for these things, so we need to prepare the list of all the bad things in us. Now we need to minimize rather say avoid all these things and see the results. All fruitful atmospheres will be available around us and we will be the happiest person in the world.

These things can be done only by us because we know us better.

 We all together will start doing this experiment to improve ourselves.

 I would like to clear this point with you that “I am a very ordinary person. These are my views. You may know better than me. If you suggest something more, I will definitely improve myself and improve my Blogs.

 I thank my wife Ms. Jyoti for giving an Idea of today’s Blog.

Anil Satpute