Wednesday, August 31, 2016

95-Different view on Magic Square

We will get 8 different magic squares simply by entering any date. The software will take care of preparing these 8 magic squares in which the first row of all these magic squares is the date which you entered.

Click on the following button to go to the software.

Different view on Magic Square


Click on above link. The following page will open.


Enter any date in the yellow cells in " DD MM YY YY " format. After a few seconds, the first row of all these 8 magic squares will be filled by the date you entered. Simultaneously, remaining cells will be filled and all different types of 8 magic squares will get ready for you.


See the following figure, there is one link on this page entitled "Click Here to get all addition patterns".

Clicking on this link following new page will open, which shows all different types of addition patterns.

Here, 4 magic squares are in an upper level and the remaining 4 squares are in lower level. Elements of upper leveled squares and lower level squares are taken one below the other in all tables to show 11 to 19 types of different addition patterns. The highlighted portion in the adjoining diagrams shows the respective places of these magic squares. For more details, see the following diagram.

The entered portion will look like this:

Now we can check this software, simply by entering any date and enjoy the fun of magic squares.

Special thanks to Abhishek Satpute, Aaswad Satpute, and Jyoti Satpute.

 Anil Satpute