Saturday, January 25, 2020

117-Online CGHS form submission of MTNL & BSNL Employees

Dear Friends,
Now we will see how to fill the CGHS form online.

Keep the following things with you:
1) LPC received from AO (P & A)
2) Obtain NOC from area Admin from where you got retired on form 2 signed by SM Admin. No claim for Fixed Medical Allowance - mentioned in NoC from SM(Admin).
3) Fill the online application in website. (See the following chart for respective levels.

For MTNL Employees (Level 1 to 6):

For MTNL Employees (Level 7 to 12 & above):

For BSNL Employees (Level 1 to 6):

For BSNL Employees (Level 7 to 12 & above):

4) Approach respective CGHS office and confirm from there amount of DD to be taken. (It will be 120 times of the amount shown in "Contribution (in Rs./Month) as per MoH&FW OM dated 09.01.2017 (Last column in the above tables) "
5) Fill the online application in website.
6) Keep the blood group of you and all dependants ready to fill the same in online CGHS form.
7) Once correctly filled up you will get a token number from the website. Take the print out.
8) Take Copy of Adhar and PAN card of self and of wife duly self-attested.
9) Take DD and submit along with the application.
10) Keep all originals for verification at the CGHS counter.
11) CGHS on accepting applications will give an acknowledgment and give a date for collecting receipt and ID.
12) Receipt to be submitted to area AO for receiving 50% (Maximum up to Rs, 40000) of the contribution from MTNL.



  1. Thank you sir for explaining in such a easy manner

  2. Sir, is there any time limit after retirement to fill the form ?

  3. Thanks, please tell how we download smart card from online.

    1. Print your own Card online facility

      A beneficiary can also self print his and his dependents cards online through Beneficiary login. This e-CGHS Card is equivalent to the Plastic Card. After downloading the card in PDF format beneficiary can take a colour print out and get it laminated for further use.

      The beneficiary can print his/her or family members card using following steps

      • Visit CGHS portal

      • Click Beneficiary Login

      • Enter your Ben ID, password and sign in

      • Click Print card for the beneficiary whose card needs to be printed

      • Enter the onetime password sent on your registered mobile

      • Click Print CGHS Card

      • A message appears on the screen requesting to take a colored print out and get the card laminated. Click OK

      • Download or open the eCGHS card in PDF format

      • Print the eCGHS card using control P command

      A beneficiary may user an eCGHS card for availing health care facilities. The credentials of the beneficiaries can be verified by the HCOs through the computer database using the beneficiary ID number, if required.

  4. Aadhar is required for self and spouse only?
    Not all members?