Monday, June 29, 2020

124-Interest and amount calculator of Senior Citizen Saving Scheme

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We started getting various amounts from our organization. Here is your personal calculation sheet of SCSS (Senior Citizen Saving Scheme) where you will get the details of the receivable amount at the time of maturity. It is developed in excel for you  This file you can download on your mobile, laptop, or desktop.

Step 1:

If you are using mobile for this software use, then install EXCEL from App station. Different methods are there for mobile as well as a laptop. We will see both.

Click here to download the calculator of the SCSS account.

It is in "View only" format, so download it on your laptop or mobile. First of all, Enter your name,  then start using it.

Here you must open RD (Recurring Deposit) account in any nationalized bank or post office for 5 years at the same time when you opened your SCSS account.

How to use this software tool:

1) Enter your name.
2) Enter the amount which you want to deposit in the SCSS account either in the bank or post-office.
3) Enter the rate of interest of the SCSS account.
4) Enter the rate of interest of Recurring Deposit account.

Here you can enter your data only in 4 yellow colored cells.

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