Tuesday, March 19, 2013

38-Become curious Parents


Dear Parents,
I delivered the lecture on Mathematical Fun.  It was delivered in Indian Language “Marathi”. If you understand Marathi, Please click here to see my Lecture on YouTube.

Secondly to think more about the studies of Mathematics, So you are requested kindly to allow your child to participate in Program of Studies for Students and Parents given in my previous Blog. (Blog-11)

1) Please tell your child to read the blog on "Simple Method of Multiplication" to learn something new concept of Multiplication.
2) Tell your child to solve the problem asked in BLOG-19 under the heading "Draw Perpendicular Bisector on Line Segment Drawn at the bottom of the page" The answer of this problem will be published on 25/03/2013.

My elder son "Aaswad Anil Satpute " now studying Computer Engineering in Mumbai. I would like to share one of his story of his childhood with you.

When he was in Sr. K G, He asked one interesting question to his Mom.  The question was " What is the number between 2 & 3 ? "

His Mom was surprised!. She was well aware that in Sr. K G studies, only the integers are introduced  No concept of decimals or fractions are taught.

As the curiosity, She asked him, " Aaswad, why did you think about the number between 2 & 3. ?" 

On this question, he had given some explanation. He simply told some thing like this:

" Mom, see, we know that the double of 2 is 4 and double of 3 is 6. there should be some number between 2 & 3 whose double is 5 as 5 is between 4 and 6."

After listening his explanation  my  wife was surprised. She suddenly explained him so many new concepts about the numbers which was useful for his thinking about the numbers.

He was very much curious about any type of machines, about the numbers & also about computer. (Now also he is curious to learn so many new concepts)

At his 4th Grade he found out so many new concept about Mathematical Tables.

This story , I shared with you only to think about " How your child may think on all his/her surrounding". Better you give him/her a chance and allow him/her to think and express their views.

I surely say that every one is equally brilliant. Only thing is this that we need to give them some chance to grow & freely fly in the sky to think more more freely.

Note: I am very simple & ordinary person. So again and again I say that we all together will build the entire world with high level thinking. I will be very happy to listen from Students or Parents to improve my BLOG as well as My eBook "Miraculous World of Numbers" . 

So come forward to help me in such a way that we all together will improve our beautiful world with powerful thinking level.

Anil Satpute