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39-Prepare Your Child for Math Learning


Dear Parents,
I delivered the lecture on Mathematical Fun.  It was delivered in Indian Language “Marathi”. If you understand Marathi, Please click here to see my Lecture on YouTube.

Secondly to think more about the studies of Mathematics, So you are requested kindly to allow your child to participate in Program of Studies for Students and Parents given in my previous Blog. (Blog-11)

1) Please tell your child to read the blog on "Simple Method of Multiplicationto learn something new concept of Multiplication.
2) Tell your child to solve the problem asked in BLOG-19 under the heading "Draw Perpendicular Bisector on Line Segment Drawn at the bottom of the page" The answer of this problem will be published on 25/03/2013.

Now we can plan for new academic year for your child. After their examination, in this vacation, whenever your son/daughter gets time ask him/her to list out the important formulae (formulas) from their previous grade math class. Try to find some technique to remember them. I don't want to have the habit of mugging up technique. Which is not good at all to understand the basic concept of the subject. 

Do see , how we can plan our Math study from next academic year. As per as the subject Math is concern, (You can definitely try this for other subjects also), we will make some folders for math and label them as follows 

1) School work: Ask your child to write every thing what his/her Math teacher says. If any concept is not understood then, it should be cleared at the same time. Then systematically plan for the same day to revise what had done in Math Class for that day. 
2) Question Set Prepared by MeAsk your son/daughter to prepare 2 to 5 questions based on the topic and  write them in separate note sheet. These sheets should be numbered topic wise. (Let us see one example of numbering the sheet. Let us see the example of giving the number for question sheet prepared by the child on the topic Similarity, the the number will be " My-Question/Similarity/7th-Grade/20032013 (today's date)/001 " and so on). This habit will improve his/her ability to maintain or manage proper planning for every thing in future.
3) Happy work: We all know that for Math, we need to practice more to understand the concept. In the school, Math teacher may allot some work to your child to do at home. Generally it is called as "Home Work " I had given the name to " Home Work " as "Happy Work "  So we are labeling this folder as " Happy Work ". We must tell our child to perform their Happy Work with in the Time framed for it & all such sheet/ notebook should be kept in the folder labeled as " Happy Work ". Every time we need to watch at completion of the work allotted to them by their teacher.
4) My achievements : We know that Every Child is Brilliant, so definitely he/she may have some creative ideas. Those ideas must be written on the sheet and must be maintained properly in some folder labeled as " My Achievements "
5) My Doubts : Prepare shortlisted doubts on some sheet and remember that these doubts must be cleared out very next day by their teachers.
6) Math Dictionary : Help your child to list out the important words of Math with there meaning/ Definition and note down these words in a separate note book.
7) Math Formulae Help your child to list out the important topic wise formulae of Math  and note down these formulae in a separate note book.

In very short period we are starting the Basic Concepts Of Math by taking some topics. 

I would like to clear this point with you that, I am not any great person. These are my views. You may know better than me. If you suggest me something more, I will definitely improve myself and improve my Blogs.

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