Monday, March 25, 2013

42-Properties of Magic Square

Today, we will some Properties of the magic square. we have already seen about how to prepare the Magic Square Using Magical Sketch in BLOG-001 " Numbers are the Stars, We must play with them 

Please observe the Following Magic square.

Here the sum of the numbers in all columns, rows, both the diagonals is 34. Now let us check four houses of above Magic Square. See the following diagram for choosing the required 4 houses. The addition of the  Numbers in these 4 houses is also 34. This is the most important property of the magic square.

See one more example of this property of Magic Square.

Like this, you can also find so many beautiful ideas which will definitely improve your thinking level. Actually, your thinking level itself is very high but even then it will boost once again to improve your skills.

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