Sunday, March 1, 2020

120-Tool-to-calculate-VRS-amount-for MTNL MUMBAI Employees by entering Staff number

Important Notes:

Now we will get all VRS amounts simply by entering our Staff-Number only for MTNL Mumbai employees.
The following results will be available

1) Estimated VRS Amount
2) If, not opted for VRS, the total salary for the remaining period of service
3) Monthly Pension After VRS
4) So, the pension amount received after VRS till remaining service
5) Total amount received along with monthly pension
6) Opt for VRS or not
7) Gratuity Amount
8) Gratuity Amount with 7.9 % interest after the age of 60 years.
9) Leave encashment.

Important Notes:

In case, if your information such as your Name, Designation, Date of entry in the department, Actual retirement Date, Basic Pay, EL, HPL are not as per your latest payslip, then please click on the following link and enter your details as per your payslip only for the PURPOSE of getting correct calculations of all VRS amounts through this software.

Please note that these changes will be done only for this blog and not in any other system.

Click HERE to enter your data to get correct calculations for your all VRS amounts.

Important Notes:
1) Please click on the following links for a detailed video. Watch it till the end to get the working of the VRS tool and details of each calculation.
    a) For English ------ here
    b) For Hindi ---------here
    c) For Marathi-------here

2) In the new version of a software tool, leave encashment and the total amount of gratuity amount after the age of 60 years with interest is updated.

As per the VRS schemes for MTNL and BSNL, the following steps will help us to calculate our VRS amount.

Enter your staff number (M012345) in the yellow-colored portion of an excel sheet as shown below.

In this model, an amount equivalent to 35 days of salary for each completed year of service, and 25 days of salary for each year of service left till retirement is considered.

Please write your valuable comments/suggestions to improve this software tool.

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  1. This is for BSNL employees also. Thanks

  2. No, actually,the same software can be prepared for BSNL employees also, but I don't have the account related data. I will find some other way for BSNL employees also.

  3. Sir can we punch in for other staff no. & Friends staff no. Operator cadre