Sunday, March 8, 2020

121-Tool-to-calculate-VRS-amount-for MTNL Delhi and BSNL Employees by entering Staff number

Dear friends,

Note: Please enter the same staff number while checking your VRS Amount details which you entered in the form.

Now everything regarding your VRS is over. Now it's time so see how much will we get from this VRS.

This software is prepared for everyone who opted for VRS-2019 and wants to calculate the VRS amount.

MTNL Mumbai employees can click here to get their readymade calculation-sheet.

MTNL Delhi and all BSNL Employees can follow the following steps.


Click here to fill the following information as per your Last Pay Slip.

1) Your Name,
2) Designation,
3) Date of entry in the department,
4) Actual retirement Date,
5) Basic Pay,
6) EL,
7) HPL.
Please see the following diagram and fill it completely. (Click here to fill the form)


As per the VRS schemes for MTNL and BSNL, the following steps will help us to calculate our VRS amount. 

Enter your staff number (M012345) in the yellow-colored portion of an excel sheet as shown below.

Now we will get all VRS amounts simply by entering our Staff-Number MTNL-Delhi and BSNL employees.

The following results will be available

1) Estimated VRS Amount
2) If, not opted for VRS, the total salary for the remaining period of service
3) Monthly Pension After VRS
4) So, the pension amount received after VRS till remaining service
5) Total amount received along with monthly pension
6) Opt for VRS or not
7) Gratuity Amount
8) Gratuity Amount with 7.9 % interest after the age of 60 years.
9) Leave encashment.

In this model, an amount equivalent to 35 days of salary for each completed year of service, and 25 days of salary for each year of service left till retirement is considered.

Step-3: Case-1

If your result shows some fields like " #N/A " as shown in the following figure, then follow the instructions given in cell no E12: L21 of your google sheet.

Step-3: Case-2

If your result shows some fields (like Total Ex-Graia, Final estimated VRS Amount and so on)  as " 0 " as shown in the following figure, then follow the instructions given in cell no E31: L31 of your google sheet, (Correct your form).

This shows that you entered the Actual retirement date as your VRS date, so your calculations are like this. So, now you can correct your details in the form. Please see the following figure.

Clicking on "Edit your response" you can correct your form and recheck your VRS amount details.

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  1. Please remove the filled information as staff no. is incorrect as per salary slip.

    1. Please send me the staff no which you entered as wrong. I will correct it and the same can be seen by you. Thanks for using my software.

    2. Now, you can visit the site to get corrections at your end and recheck your VRS amount details.

  2. After entering my staff no. And other detail information getting calculation sheet of Mr.G.T. Sodha 32111. My St. No.32814

  3. Replies
    1. Everyone is getting the detailed and correct calculation report. Please follow this blog systematically. You will get it.
      Thanks and regards.

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